Marriage Prediction Based on Date of Birth

Marriage Prediction Based on Date of Birth

Marriage prediction based on date of birth

Marriage prediction based on date of birth

Some of the most common questions asked of an astrologer are “When will I find love?” and “When will I marry?”

The answer, as is the case with any kind of prediction, is not clear-cut. In fact, it can be downright complicated.

This article attempts to put together some of the theories as to the timing of romantic periods in a person’s life.

The following are pointers and tips culled from my own experience, research, and astrology practice. A real-life case study is included.

Some times the love marriage may be well with in the framework of
traditions, caste and creed, but many a time such love will have no
bounds and barriers. In Astrology we can see these reflections in
the birth chart of an individual.

For a lasting and a lovable marriage, the first and seventh
Moon & Sun, Venus & Mars in the individual chart shall have good
aspects between them and shall not be afflicted by other
Afflicted planets shall not house the first and seventh houses.

In a birth chart Fifth, Seventh and Eleventh houses from Lagna
signify Love, Marriage and Friendship respectively. Depending
on the planets in these houses and the rulers of these houses
and the aspects to them, the general significators of the

Moon and Venus in Boy’s chart, Sun and Mars in girls chart and
aspects to them put together reflect the type of Marriage such
as Love at first sight or not, whether conventional or
whether it will be lasting or not etc. You can interpret likely
of marriage and its nature basing on the position of planets and
the aspects.
The presence of the following positions in the individual’s
indicates the possibility of a love marriage.

1. Exchange of rulers of fifth and seventh house i.e. ruler of
fifth house in the seventh or vice versa. This exchange indicate
a love marriage and most likely, because the fifth house rules
the subjects like creative talents, sportsmanship, school etc.,
the development of their relationship may be in the fields ruled
by the house.

2. Exchange of rulers of seventh and eleventh house i.e. ruler
seventh house in the eleventh or vice versa. This exchange
that they may be friends or friends might have played a role in
coming closer leading to their love and marriage. It is also
that they might have come closer in meetings of clubs,
associations etc,
as the eleventh house rules those subjects.

3. Exchange of rulers of first and seventh house i.e. ruler of
house in seventh house or vice versa. This exchange indicates
appreciation and praise and mutual attractions. And the choice
partner is theirs and their love and affection for one another
is immense.

4. The Conjunction of first and seventh house rulers in fifth,
or seventh also indicate love marriage possibility.
If such aspects make a
good aspect with Saturn also then their nature will be more
durable one.
If the significators make adverse aspects with Mars on one side
and a good aspect with Saturn on the other, it indicates that in
of the problems in their marital relations, they hang on to the

If Venus and Mars only make good aspects and Sun and Moon are in
aspect in the individual chart, then they will have mutual
but may be mentally incompatible with misunderstandings and
emotional differences.

The rulers of 5th, 7th and 11th or the planets in these houses
in any
way related to other houses, then you can reasonably interpret
influence of those houses’ ruled subjects on their love and
If 3rd house is related, you may say that attractions, because
neighborliness, friends of sister/brother, frequent visitor or
journeys, might have developed. If 4th house is related in any
you may conclude that one of them may be a relative of parent,
friendship at house, co-tenant etc. If 6th house, it may be a
co-worker or friendship at workplace and the like. It is not
comprehensive but only to show as to how to link the

Formulate a list of the following points and planets so that you can quickly and easily look for sensitive romantic/love times in a person’s life:

Sun/Moon Midpoint.




Ruler of the 7th House

Ruler of the 5th House

North Node

Some of these points may overlap. For example, if Venus rules the individual’s 7th house, you wouldn’t need to note down the position of Venus twice, although it is helpful to make a mental note that Venus is likely to be a particularly sensitive point.

We will be looking for hard aspects to these points, as well as “soft” ones, in terms of transits and progressions. Hard aspects include the conjunction, square, opposition, semi-square, and sesquiquadrate. Soft aspects include the trine and sextile.

Although squares, conjunctions, and oppositions are fairly easy to spot, the semi-square (45 degrees) and sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) are not as intuitive. In order to organize your reading, the best thing to do is to calculate a list/table as found in the case study that follows this discussion.


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